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ZEUS Initiative Unlocks Greater Value

Published date: 24/09/2020 10:44

Zeus Group have launched a new initiative designed to assist UK businesses in unlocking more value from their use of packaging.  

The approach, marketed as ‘Emerging Stronger’ works transparently with business by undertaking a full packaging audit, evaluating and assessing current product usage & process, identifying & eliminating hidden costs, reviewing efficiency and productivity of the pack process, identifying areas of waste, over usage, product rationalisation & administrative improvements. 

An experienced team of packaging consultants supported by trained packaging technologists, apply a Continuous Improvement approach, presenting marginal process gains aligned with highlighting new technology opportunities, and advice on areas of environmental sustainability. 

‘When it comes to packaging, every business has areas of process inefficiency. Packaging can often be overlooked, seen as a ‘Necessary Evil’, a cost that sits at the bottom of the management accounts. Packaging is an important part of the process, we believe our approach will assist business in refining the use of packaging, reduce costs, improve process efficiency through training and technology, and enhance presentation to market’, comments Donna Simonds, Head of Sales.

A thorough business review process and packaging audit will investigate the pack operation from end to end focusing on eliminating inefficiencies whether that’s through storage and logistics, damages and returns, or optimising packaging products that increase productivity and ultimately lower costs. 

 ‘Zeus provide a range of innovative, eco-friendly solutions that focus on reducing carbon footprint and providing fully sustainable and recyclable options. We believe in strategic supply partnerships where our aim is to improve our customer profitability.’ She adds. 

‘COVID has presented us all with business challenges, reduced revenues, less resource, gross margins under pressure. As industry continues to navigate recovery from the impact of COVID-19, unlocking more value and reducing costs is vital. This transparent, collaborative business approach will help eliminate waste in the supply chain, become more efficient, productive and profitable.’ Donna concludes. 

For more information, please contact :

Donna Simonds, Head of Sales, Tel: 07796 330383  

or Keith Ockenden, CEO, Tel: 07973 372028


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