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Zeus was established in 1998 and is one of the largest packaging companies in Ireland & the UK. We are more than just a packaging company though. We provide the retail and food industries with products such as coffee cups, salad containers, deli trays, cutlery, fast food supplies and much more. Now we want to offer you - the small business owner or household - the same great products at great cash and carry beating prices delivered directly to your door! So if you are having a party at home or you run an independent coffee shop... we've got you covered.

Talk to us about your stretch film needs

We provide the appropriate film, which when applied correctly, ensure your load is transport proof. And because we help you do this efficiently, there is no wasted packaging to eat into your profit margin.

Zeus takes an analytical approach. We apply our years of experience to identify exactly what is required, along with a detailed report recommending benefits and savings that can be achieved. We also periodically assess and monitor your operations performance, to ensure that these savings are delivered.

Our analytical approach has a proven track record in reducing the true costs to a business. We’re not talking about pennies on the price per kilo of film, but significant and real provable savings in addition to other benefits.

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