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A reliable single source of high quality generic and bespoke takeaway food packaging.

Zeus Food is a leading supplier of high quality foodservice disposable packaging. Sustainability is one of our core values. We constantly source products and concepts that have the smallest possible environmental impact and by doing so, offer a sustainable food service range to a demanding and environmentally conscious customer base.

Working with our partners all over the world, we aim to provide the most innovative solutions. Many of our eco-friendly products are from the ‘Leafware’ range. Leafware products are made entirely of natural, sustainable & renewable resources. This makes them an ideal alternative to traditional packaging concepts.

Our staff have the expertise and knowledge to assist with all of you foodservice packaging needs.

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Sustainable Solutions

As a packaging company, at Zeus we have a responsibility for the materials we bring into the market. Whether you are looking for a truly compostable packaging solution or seeking to improve the carbon footprint of your packaging we can offer you fact based and practical advice that will contribute to achieving yours and your consumers sustainable packaging goals.

Our evolving range of ‘Leafware’ products are manufactured from natural, sustainable and renewable resources.

Our focus is on delivering the latest innovations in Foodservice Packaging consumables. The introduction of our new ‘plastic free’ hot drinks range is an exciting development that

Zeus Food are proud to bring to the market. The cups will bear the Leafware branding and are made from plant-based materials with an aqueous coating that makes them fully compostable.

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ZeusFood has developed a plastic-free waterproof paper lining, enabling our cups to be recycled or composted. Our full range of disposable hot and cold paper drink cups provides options for every occasion.
Cold Cups
We use only the highest quality, heavy weight, crystal clear fully recyclable PET or our compostable PLA plastics. This gives them superior rigidity and makes them perfect for displaying your cold drinks such as Iced Coffees, Milkshakes or Slush Drinks.
Paper Straws
Check out our range of eco-friendly drinking straws that perfectly compliment our Cold Cups & Tumblers. Our paper straws are real 3-ply Food Grade Kraft Paper Straws, making them a strong and durable product which lasts well in drinks.
Bagasse is a by-product of making sugar. Sugar cane is pressed to extract the juices which is processed into sugar. The remaining fibrous substance is subjected to heat and pressure with the resulting material being moulded into various boxes, containers, plates and bowls.
Food Boxes
The extensive range of compostable Kraft products are completely eco-friendly. The range includes leak proof food boxes, pasta and noodle containers, chip scoops and heavy duty food containers.
Paper bags are increasingly being used instead of plastic bags. Paper is eco-friendly, compostable and can be recycled. Perfect for all takeaway and foodservice requirements our bags are available in many sizes, with or without handles and can be coloured and customised according to your design.
FSC Certified cutlery is made from birch wood – the range of Cutlery is 100% natural and fully compostable. The Knife, Fork, Dessert Spoon and Teaspoon are suitable for all kinds of food.