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High Performance Stretch Film from Zeus is designed to help you transport goods safely and profitably

We provide the appropriate film, which when applied correctly, ensure your load is transport proof. And because we help you do this efficiently, there is no wasted packaging to eat into your profit margin.

Zeus takes an analytical approach. We apply our years of experience to identify exactly what is required, along with a detailed report recommending benefits and savings that can be achieved. We also periodically assess and monitor your operations performance, to ensure that these savings are delivered.

Our analytical approach has a proven track record in reducing the true costs to a business. We’re not talking about pennies on the price per kilo of film, but significant and real provable savings in addition to other benefits.

All we need is a half hour on site, at a time convenient to you, to understand your application and establish the current true cost to your business. We will then work with you, demonstrate and produce a written report to show what savings can be achieved by selecting us as a supply partner. What’s more, if you choose to implement our recommendation, we will monitor performance to ensure that the savings we have shown are always delivered. 

Machine Stretch Film

We offer a full range of industrial machine stretch films. Their specifications suit Standard, Power and Super Power stretch applications, all delivering excellent puncture resistance and load retention.

Zeus can also produce opaque and tinted film, with the option of UV stabilisers, slip and cling additives. Zeus has the facility to print on stretch film, enhancing your company brand or for product identification.

Along with our own comprehensive range of high performance stretch films, we also offer the very best from Europe’s leading manufacturers of highly technical films. We will always recommend and demonstrate the most cost-effective film that is best suited to your operation and machine capability, ensuring a stable, well presented, cost-efficient delivery.

Hand Stretch Wrap

Zeus offers a wide range of manually applied, hand stretch wrap. These rolls are suitable for quick and easy hand wrapping, where machine application is not available.

Zeus films are produced with natural clings in the polymer. Therefore, we can offer all hand films with a guaranteed 100% usage on the roll, resulting in zero waste. These rolls are available in a wide range of microns and colours, including pre-stretched blown film to suit all your product requirements.

Stretch Netting

Zeus offers a range of pallet Stretch Netting options, in both hand and machine variety. Designed for use in applications prone to high condensation, or
where there is a risk that a delicate product may be crushed, our Stretch Netting provides excellent pallet stability while minimising your costs.