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racksack is the market leading solution for waste segregation in the industrial work setting, providing a simple and cost-effective system that's easy to implement.

Waste management problems are easily solved with the racksack. Suitable for most racking systems, the racksack quickly fixes to the end of your racking. In a range of fourteen standard text designs and five non text designs, once full of waste or recyclables, the racksack can be quickly and easily emptied. 

A racksack for every type of waste

Five new prints have now been added to the racksack® range. Visually communicative non text designs for worldwide use.
racksack clear 1
Racksack clear
The racksack® is nowavailable with a clear front. The clear material helps identify when incorrect waste has been accidentally placed in the wrong segregation sack.
racksack rollcage 1
Racksack rollcage
Help keep your workplace neat and tidy. A big capacity double pocketed waste segregation sack for use with 800mm wide roll containers. The racksack®rollcage fits over the frame of the roll cage, but also has eyelets, so that the sack can be hung if required. Straps help secure the centre of the sack to the cage. Available in standard and clear versions
racksack trolley 1
Racksack Trolley
Keep your picking areas clean and tidy by fitting one of these two recycling sacks to your picking trolley. They are designed to hang over the handle of a 580mm wide trolley. Available in either single or double pocket versions. Made from tough waterproof polyester the sacks can adequately withstand the rigours of an industrial environment.

Racksack in action

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