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Welcome to the world of Grass Paper

We humans need more and more paper, and therefore even more trees. However, trees have never been as vital for our planet. We want a change and are pleased to present a new range of bags which are made using paper in a more ecological way. We are producing grass fibre raw material and grasspaper products for the retail, paper and packaging industry, helping to reduce plastic pollution and CO2 emissions on a global scale.

Grass is a globally available resource that grows very fast. Local availability allows short and mid distance sourcing from areas across Europe. We are sourcing from clean, unpolluted areas and non-feed territories only, covering the whole value chain from producing the raw material as well as grasspaper and grasspaper products which have an exceptionally natural look and feel with visible and tangible fibre inclusions. Grasspaper saves our forests and the climate. Together, we write your sustainable story and create impressive customer experiences.



We rethink paper and try to make paper products and packaging much more eco-friendly every day. Smart packaging protects products as good as possible while using as little packaging material as necessary. Grasspaper:
  • saves 23 % CO2 emissions (gate-to-gate) compared to conventional wood based paper, 
  • saves 15 % CO2 emissions (gate-to-gate) compared to conventional recycled paper
  • has a natural look & unique feel
  • is resource-saving & sustainable