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Product Code: FH_FTB
Default ImageFLEXI-HEX FOLD TOP BOXESAlternative Image1FLEXI-HEX FOLD TOP BOXESAlternative Image2FLEXI-HEX FOLD TOP BOXESAlternative Image3FLEXI-HEX FOLD TOP BOXESAlternative Image4
A square-shaped box for shipping bottles. We recommend using the Flexi-Hex Mini Sleeve for naked bottles and the Flexi-Hex Air 35cm Sleeve for pre-boxed bottles.

Product Information

� Designed for the safe shipping of three bottles 
� Fits bottles of all shapes and sizes up to a maximum of 350mm in height, including pre-boxed bottles
� Made from high-quality paper
� 100% plastic-free, kerbside recyclable, home compostable and biodegradable 
� Self-sealing with crash-lock base so no tape required 
� Separate layer pad which slots into bottom of box for extra protection 
� Unique fold which tucks over bottles to prevent movement within the box and can be adjusted to fit wider bottles and pre-boxed bottles 
� Tear strip for easy opening
� Prevents movement and reduces breakage rates through innovative engineering 
� Compact to store and lightweight for cost-effective shipping and storage
� Can be customised with company branding
� An aesthetic e-commerce solution which adds brand value and improves the customer unboxing experience 
� Available in single, double, triple and six bottles sizes
  • Colour: Brown
  • Material: Recycled Cardboard

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