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June Focus - Floor Signage, Anti Slip & more!

Create an organized, safer, and more productive workplace by implementing highly visible floor markers. Our range of highly durable industrial quality floor products are ideal for high traffic areas, highlighting pedestrian routes, important messages, or traffic flow. 

With our range of floor markers, you have the flexibility to create your own visual but cost-effective system to suit your workplace.

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Featured ranges

june21 social distance markers
Social Distancing Floor Markers
Help people to stay safe and maintain social distancing in public queues and workplaces - with these floor markers designed to help combat the spread of Coronavirus. The range includes tapes, markers, adhesives and more.
june21 half circle floor markers
Half Circle Floor Graphics
These large anti-slip floor markers can be used on any flat, sealed surface. Ideal for use in front of fire exit doors, to highlight fire extinguisher areas or to warn/highlight any important messaging. The slimline markers feature an aggressive, permanent adhesive suitable for busy industrial environments.
june21 anti slip
Anti Slip
Our anti-slip tapes are manufactured through a unique process ensuring they're one of the most effective anti-slip surfaces available. Our tapes are impegnated with diamond hard aluminium oxide making them hardy, tough, durable and long lasting.
june21 floor stencils
Floor Stencils
Our stencils are manufactured from a rigid PVC film, each one is laser-cut for accuracy, with a transparent anti-glare finish which is naturally scratch resistant. If properly cared for our stencils can be used again and again!
June21 floor frames
Frames for Floors
Tough, permanent adhesive colour edged PVC frames that enable a printed message or code to be placed and protected onto the floor. The frames bond to the floor surface and are resistent to all of the rigours of a busy workplace.
june31 floor signals
Floor Signals
Highlight pallet areas, walkways and traffic flow. These floor signals bond strongly onto the floor surface and are perfect for all areas with high footfall. Suitable for application onto any clean, flat, sealed surface.
june21 floor identification markers
Floor Identification Markers
These high visibility floor markers have been designed to cope with the daily stress and strain of a modern warehouse. All of our markers incorporate a permanent adhesive backing and can be used on any clean, flat and sealed surface.
june21 floor graphic markers
Floor Graphic Markers
A range of eye-catching, highly cisible floor signs which will highlight warnings or special requirements. Printed on the underside of a tough clear plastic film and laminated with an aggressive adgesive means that these signs can be used in any busy industrial environment.

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