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At Zeus, we take pride in realising our commitment to corporate responsibility, the importance of playing our part in making our world a better place. From investing in charitable and community initiatives, ensuring a sustainable sourcing strategy, innovating environmentally friendly product & service solutions, to our ongoing drive to operate Zeus and encourage a Carbon Neutral footprint, we recognise the importance of the positive social & economic impact our support can have on the livelihood of people.

Zeus are delighted to partner with Le Cheile Africa to sponsor the construction of the Zeus Zerograze Farm training unit based in Kenya. Zerograze Farm has a dual purpose:

  1. Training local communities on the principles of zero grazing (bringing food and water to cattle. Zerograzing is a more economical, more environmentally friendly form of farming which reduces pollution of vital waterways and limits risk of disease in herds. Silage produced from cattle is used to fertilise Maize which is easily and cheaply grown in Kenya.

  2. This form of grazing also results in an increase in milk yield per cow, which can either be consumed or sold. A family with a 1/4 acre of land and 2 cows can generate 8 litres of milk a day using zero grazing, double the average vs traditional grazing, allowing then to generate a profit of €4 a day - 33% above the average daily wage for the region.

Brian O'Sullivan, owner and founder of Zeus, had the following to say:
"The Zerograze Farm project is a great fit for Zeus. As innovators in the agricultural sector we are delighted to be able to support this facility which will deliver immense value to the local community - in both skills and resources."

In addition to providing families with such a vital resource, the training unit will be used to produce milk which will support Le Cheile’s Food Security program, which aids over 100 vulnerable families suffering from extreme poverty brought on by Covid 19 restrictions.

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Le Cheile Africa was established as a non-profit organization (NGO Reg No, OP.218/051/17250/10860 in Kenya / Charity No. In Ireland RCN: 20204974) by Derry Desmond and his partner Mary Kigo.

Mary has been working in the Charity / non-Profit sector for over 10 years on the Ground in Kenya and knows first hand the real issues that need to be addressed on a day to day basis. Mary also received a Head of State Commendation (HSC) Award in 2018 for her heroic bravery on the night of the Dam disaster in Solai.

Derry has been volunteering throughout his life in Ireland on various projects. In the last 5 years he has witnessed the needs of society on the ground in Kenya on his numerous trips.