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  • Snack Bags Sandwich Wrapping Solution

The Snack Bag Range

Whether you are looking for innovative packaging for your hot snack, or simply packaging for filled rolls or baguettes that is both practical and appealing, our new snack bag range offers the optimal packaging solution for every snack.

Our snack bags are environmentally friendly in that no more packaging than necessary is used. Self-adhesive closure allows for quick and easy closing. Tear-off perforation makes it easy for our snack bags to be opened. 

Visibility is key when it comes to take away snacks - our snack bags are made using an attractive combination of paper and film, so that your snacks are always presented in a fresh, natural and appetising way to your customers.

Other benefits:

  • Protected: Greaseproof and dripproof
  • Reclosable (The Loc Bag Razor Bag, The Snack Bag Fifty Fifty and The Snack Bag Thermo)
  • Productive: Quick packaging, means more revenue for you