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Top quality range of paper, polysytrene and sustainable options for burgers.
High quality street food trays perfect for food stalls and events. Plastic, paper and compostable sustainable options available.
A range of take out foil containers and lids perfect for takeaways. Perfect for ensuring food reaches your customers in the best shape possible.
Super high quality plastic food containers perfect for takeaway food being delivered when a leak proof microwaveable, freezable option is essential.
A great range of leak proof poly coated noodle boxes and tubs, perfect for delivering foods such as curries and noodles; many of which are sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.
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A selection of plastic carrier bags as well as high quality brown paper carrier bags available online in the UK and Ireland at great prices.
A selection of top quality generically branded pizza boxes made from sustainable materials as well as a range of accessories such as discs and film.
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Takeaway Supplies

We offer a diverse range of packaging solutions for traditional takeaways and pizzerias. We are working with many takeaway restaurants to develop an essential range of foil containers & lids, plastic take out boxes, plastic bags, pizza boxes, brown paper bags and high quality leak proof sauce tubs; many of which are biodegradable and sustainable.