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New Flexihex protective packaging

Zeus are proud to be launching FLEXI-HEX in time for peak season 2021. This innovative product is plastic-free, recyclable, compact for storage, customisable, and protective - perfectly illustrating the power of paper! 

Flexi-Hex Sleeve


A robust cardboard sleeve made from an expandable honeycomb material. The innovative cell structure provides incredible strength to protect fragile items in transit and expands up to 35 times its compact size, offering extreme flexibility.

Pinch Top Boxes

A smart design ideal for e-commerce. The Pinch Top eco-packaging kit comprises 2 parts. The Flexi-Hex sleeve that moulds to the bottle shape and the self-sealing Pinch Top Box offers further protection in transit.

Fold Top Boxes

This solution can reliably protect naked bottles, pre-boxed bottles, or tinned bottles in transit. Protection is provided through the Flexi-Hex sleeve to create an impact-resistant layer, whilst the extended folds at the top of the box tightly secure the product to prevent movement.

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