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€2500 raised for Zeus Zerograze Farm

Published date: 16/05/2022 09:32


Yesterday a team of dedicated walkers completed a sponsored 10k to raise funds for Le Cheile and the Zeus Zerograze farm project. Organised by John, 9, and Clara, (8), and with support from Zeus, the team raised a whopping €2500 for Le Cheila. This donation will fund the purchase of a new dairy cow for the Zerograze Farm project in Kenya, bringing a much needed source of milk and revenue to the local community.


Speaking on behalf of Le Cheile, Derry Desmond said:

"An unreal achievement by John and Clara O Sullivan - two amazing young people, reaching their target of buying a cow for Zeus Zerograze training farm. This is another big step in growing this project, helping people to learn better training/ farming methods and also providing milk towards our food security program. We really appreciate the support of everyone who helped them achieve this goal! Asanta Sana.."


Zerograze farm is a Le Cheile initiative in Kenya, sponsored by Zeus, which supports the local community by providing milk and sustainable, 'zero graze' farming training to help families sustain themselves. There is a ready made local market for milk as it is in short supply every day - expanding the size of the Zerograze herd in the short term is an urgent requirement, and this donation will allow an additional cow be added to the herd. 

Zerograze Farm is just one of many initiatives supported by Zeus globally, contributing to a goal of providing vital support to worthy causes as part of an inclusive ESG policy.



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